Bar Council of Ireland

Fitzwilliam Card Club

Killeshal Concrete

McLoughlins Transport

MME Engineering

Vanfleet Transport

Harris Hino



Violet Kapimwa:

Violet is doing a Food Production Course. This course commenced in January 2017 and is being sponsored by the Shannon side group.

Fate Bursary:

Rosie Mwita and Samson Banda:

Rosie and Samson are doing a catering course at Chipapa Training centre and will graduate in August 2018.

Naomi Chanda:

Naomi started her Nursing career in January 2017.

TOUCH Ireland Grant:

Diane Mweemba;

She is doing a BA teaching degree.

Evaristo Matola:

He is doing Distance teaching Diploma: He started in December 2015


Matilda Daka:

Matilda is continuing a 3 year Diploma in Human Resource Business studies, she will complete in December 2018.

Judy Kakoma:

Judy from commenced a Nursing degree in January 2017.

Nepal - Ongoing sponsorship:

Monty’s Education Bursary

TOUCH House Kathmandu:

Narendra Bohara:

Narendra is now doing Business Management. TOUCH Ireland Education is sponsoring his training with €1000 per year through Monty’s Bursary. Narendra is in his final year.

Surgu BK:

Surgu has been accepted to do a course in Developmental Studies which includes Mass Communication and Journalism. Surju has started her course in 2017 with the assistance of Monty’s Bursary.

The Joan McEvoy Bursary.

Esther Walubita:

Esther is doing a Batchelor of Education course and is sponsored by The Joan McEvoy Bursary.

TOUCH Ghar Kathmandu

Nirutha Kunwar:

Nirutha is doing BBA Program (Bachelor of Business Administration) for 4 Years. She was accepted and started the course in November 2016 with the assistance of Monty’s Bursary.

These are all on going commitments.